A misunderstood master lost to art history

That which inspired Star Wars films inspired legendary artist, Maxfield Parrish. What inspired Parrish? It was his beloved estate art studio and the private secret world he created within it. It was the life he hid behind to create the most beautiful masterpieces the world has ever seen. There was much more going on upon those magnificent grounds and inside his art studio. There were many well-hidden secrets that no one knew about.

Threads are weaving together

I believe someone is connecting the dots bringing awareness to interact together. The momentum of Parrish grows bigger and stronger every day with its connection to Star Wars. With millions of Parrish fans and followers worldwide our fan base is already here.

I have been piecing all these elements together as it has opened my eyes to the truth, the real story about Maxfield Parrish. There is a huge misunderstanding about his life and his artwork and until the real story comes out his artwork will not be seen in the way it was created. Once you know the truth your eyes will finally be able to view his artwork for the first time. There will be wisdom, gratitude, and a much deeper appreciation, for it will be the first time you will see his artwork with open eyes. This truth will set him free and my book and movie will ignite answers to a very complex life and master artist. Tangled mouths have followed him to his grave and an unimaginable love story has emerged, exhaustive, to tell the real story. These connections are all opening up an avenue for greater awareness that will bring attention to Maxfield Parrish.