The destruction of a priceless estate

What follows has the potential to change how people view the artwork of Maxfield Parrish.

A misunderstood muse

This is about the motion picture of Maxfield Parrish and Sue Lewin. I have pieced together how their lives and the masterpieces came to be and the real relationship between these two iconic figures in the art world and the true story about them. Sue was not the mistress to Parrish as the world presumed. She was his friend and servant and the air he breathed, innocently wise and lovely she was. We must consider the important role she played in the life of Parrish and the masterpieces. What was the real connection between them and how significant was she in art history? She was the captain of his ship and protected him well from the outside world he had little interest in.

The decline and fall of the Maxfield Parrish estate

It is of a genius artist and his estate art studio engulfed with secrets that explain those masterpieces and it explains who Sue Lewin really was and how she was the one behind those paintings and Parrish. These are her words and her story and her devoted love to a master artist that held on to a hidden life afraid. I uncovered this epic story as it unfolded and l was provided keys to unlock doors no one knew were there.

During the last filming of the demise of the Parrish estate I was allowed to salvage artifacts. In the heartbreaking midst of chaos it was that precious panel that got my attention. I found other artifacts and things I dare not mention at this time. All are safe and sound and well hidden for security reasons. The panel is exquisite. It was designed and created by Parrish. It speaks volumes, but one must listen.

This will be an incredible motion picture that will go global. This is a period piece about a class of people and it will explain how the masterpieces came to be. After twenty plus years of research, I have written a very powerful movie. It will set Sue Lewin and Maxfield Parrish free. I have a lost chapter in art history and using my detailed and accurate color film footage we can recreate the Parrish art studio and show the world what was taken from all of us or at least show how the paintings came to be. This is extensive documentary evidence and very detailed of his unique working art studio loaded with art history. I must also set Sue free from all the slander that followed her to her grave and tell the world that she was a strong woman in art history, wrongly titled. I have the blueprints to their studio and their lives and how they survived here in New England a long time ago.