Acknowledging debts of gratitude

For many years I’ve lived in Camden, Maine, under a rock creating this motion picture. Throughout these intense years I attended the Camden International Film Festival being coached by incredible delegates from A&E, HBO, and POV. They showed me how valuable and important my film footage is and to get it out to the world. I learned so much about documentary filming and that what I owned was rare and historic.

I am grateful for the Camden International FIlm Festival and all the many delegates and friends that entered into my life. I’ll never forget the one year I had to sell my old, broken down car to buy a VIP pass to the film festival. That was the best year because I would meet my documentarian and business partner. He’s been following me and my connections for years, filming and documenting the unfolding and discovery of my work, and I thank him. Visit his site at The Maxfield Parrish Motif.