Seeking film industry professionals

We need people with movie, television, and network expertise to turn the story of Maxfield Parrish into a major motion picture or cable/network television series.

We need a film producer, director, philanthropist, publicist, investors and funding. I own the last documentary film evidence of the estate and art studio of Maxfield Parrish. It has been written: “The artwork of Maxfield Parrish directly inspired the look and feel of Star Wars films.”

This is global.

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Hi, my name is Robin Lee. My life was impacted by Maxfield Parrish. The following pages will give you an idea how I was inspired. This unique story needs to be told. This website will unpack the ideas and images that will help guide your decision to support this historic project. Thank You.

I own a lost chapter in art history

Many people are familiar with Maxfield Parrish. A great number consider themselves fans of his work. Few would believe the desecration and demise of his estate and art studio. There is a direct link between Maxfield Parrish and the Star Wars films. It is all over the Internet.

There is a force here

This creative force directly inspired Parrish’s work. It surrounds me and this project. It hasn’t left me alone. It’s powerful. It’s fascinating. It’s like something never before experienced.

I am tapped into the frequency. I have lost all fear. I have the manuscript for a movie which details the day-to-day life of Maxfield Parrish and his beautiful and faithful model, Sue Lewin. I have film footage of his estate, the essence of which infused all of his paintings. I own the last documentary film footage of the estate, both inside and outside, before its tragic and untimely destruction. I am the author and documentarian of this film. I own all copyrights registered with the Library of Congress. I have uncovered messages in his paintings. A round motif exists. The Maxfield Parrish Motif.

Sanctuary Dishonored: The Decline and Fall of the Maxfield Parrish Estate is a small book packed with an enormous amount of information. The estate was a historic landmark and I did not want to reveal everything in the book. It gives you a window into this discovery and is required reading to understand the movie.